Explore The Real Alvi Awan History, According to authentic history books Awans of Soon Valley and Afkar Al Awan LogoVenhar including Daman-e-Koh Khushab belongs to Hazrat Abbas R A S/O Hazrat Ali K A W. In the 11th step a Wali Ullah Awon Known as Qutab Shah came to Soon Valley allong with 2 sons Hazrat Abdullah Golra, Muhammad Kandlan and Wife Hazrat Ayesha R A on the order of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jellani to promote Silsla Qadria.

Alvi Awan

afkar al awan pakistan

Decendent of Hazrat Abbas Alamdar R A from Awon Qutab Shah Called Awan in Pakistan. Major populated area is Soon Valley, Venhar and Surroundings

Awan Books

awan books
Afkar Al Awan Pakistan offered books on Alvi Awan History free download. Here Islamic and Muslim Conquer History books available as well Read Tohfatul Awan